ColumbiaGrid Supplants GridWest in Pacific Northwest

Following an April 11 meeting among its remaining stakeholders, GridWest, the much-maligned proposed transmission organization for the Pacific Northwest, voted to dissolve for lack of financial support.  Once the giant of the Pacific Northwest, Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), decided to pull out of GridWest last November, it was just a matter of time before the proposed organization faltered.  See Pacific Northwest Grid Restructuring Proposal Fails, Utilities Vow to Continue On Without Bonneville

In lieu of GridWest, six power operators have proposed to create a new organization, ColumbiaGrid, which will seek to improve reliability in the region without triggering federal regulation by FERC.  ColumbiaGrid will constitute itself as a non-profit corporation in Washington State.  Its participants will include BPA, Avista Corporation, the Chelan and Grant County Public Utilities Districts, Puget Sound Energy, and Seattle City Light.  Unlike GridWest, the ColumbiaGrid structure will not function as an RTO due to the strenuous opposition of BPA customers (primarily the PNW's public power agencies) to creation of any kind organization that would be subject to federal regulation. See Grid West Parties,

BPA Go Separate Ways