DOE Increases Reporting Requirements in Effort to Increase Response to Natural Gas Supply Needs

In an effort to improve the country's ability to respond to future energy-related supply problems and to keep the general public informed on the current state of natural gas trading, the Department of Energy's Office of Fossil Energy ("OFE") has added a new monthly reporting requirement to existing and future Orders authorizing the import and export of natural gas and liquefied natural gas ("LNG").   The first monthly report, for the reporting period November 1, 2005, through November 30, 2005, must be filed no later than December 30, 2005, and can be filed electronically through OFE's website -

OFE regulates natural gas imports and exports pursuant to section 3 of the Natural Gas Act.  Before the new rule, OFE collected information about natural gas and LNG import and export activities on a quarterly basis.  In accordance with the Department of Energy's Natural Gas Data Collection Initiative to improve the way the Department gathers and disseminates information about the use and origin of natural gas supplies in the U.S., OFE has expanded its collection activities.  The monthly reports must include information pertaining to the country of origin of an import or country of destination for an export, the points of entry and/or exit, and the total volume at each point of entry and/or exit for the month.