Wyoming Finances Power Line Project to Improve Transmission and Reliability

Using bonds issued through the state's mineral trust fund, the Wyoming Infrastructure Authority ("WIA") recently financed its first power line project, the Basin Electric Power Cooperative's 130-mile $50 million 230-kilovolt transmission line to be located in northeastern Wyoming.  The Basin Electric project "” the first step in WIA's forecasted 500 miles of needed transmission "” is expected to deliver power within the state and facilitate exports to neighboring California, Colorado and Utah.  The circuit on the Basin Electric project is anticipated close by the end of 2008.

The WIA's charter tasks the authority with conceiving, funding, constructing, maintaining and operating electric transmission line projects using up to $1 billion in state-backed bonds.  It is intended that the new transmission lines will provide export market access for the substantial bituminous coal deposits in the state's Powder River Basin as well as up to 8,000 megawatts of wind generation proposed for development in the Cowboy State.